25 March 2013

Feeling sheepish

I'm totally in love with the products from Herdy and isn't this the cutest sheep you have ever seen?

January in the Lake District is wonderfully un-crowded but I was disappointed to find that the Herdy shop was closed. The B&B where we stayed had these Herdy mugs.

The Herdy company also donates a percentage of their profit to the herdyfund which promotes conservation of the Herdwick sheep and upland fell farming.

13 March 2013

Looking at Lamps

I have a "thing" about lamps. Particularly industrial-looking ones. Today, this one is up for sale at Citymob.
Wolf & Maiden Lamp from Citymob

Recently, this post went up at Vamp. 
Steampunk Lamp from Vamp
I'm thinking of this layout for lighting in our kitchen.
Image via Made by Girl
I saw this floor lamp at Loads of Living
Euro Chrome Angle Floor Lamp

And even Woolies has this baby.
Retro Desk Lamp

07 March 2013

Shepherding Hut

This is Borleymere Shepherds Hut. For readers of Terry Pratchett this holiday accommodation is perfect. It's a shepherding hut like the one belonging to Tiffany's Granny Aching (check out Wee Free Men, Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, and I Shall Wear Midnight).

Here is an extract from "The Folklore of Discworld" by Terry Pratchett and Jacqueline Simpson: 
"Iron-wheeled shepherding huts were sturdy wooden structures, warmed by a small stove, with a chair, a table, a simple bunk bed, and plenty of shelves, boxes and hooks to hold the shepherd's gear."

How utterly romantic. It's on my wish list.