31 July 2012

Like the Luxor lamp from Pixar

This breakfast bowl instantly reminded me of the adorable lamp from one of the very first Pixar shorts.

30 July 2012

Getting to meet Jeremy Irons

Today's post was superseded by this lovely post from Mrs Green at My Zero Waste. One of my top three "green" bloggers got to meet the great Jeremy Irons.
Imagine getting to meet such a wonderful actor AND encourage folks to be environmentally aware.

26 July 2012

Add a little sparkle

We had some fun last night playing with sparklers that I bought on the weekend. 

I'd particularly like to thank Busy Bee Lauren for the inspiration and my husband for the photography.

24 July 2012

Google's doodles

I love Google's doodles and today's image on the home page is in celebration of Amelia Earhart's birthday. For more Google doodles go here.

20 July 2012

Black Smith, the cat

Everyone loves their cat. So there's no point my saying I have the most wonderful cat, but I do think he's adorable.

It seems that last Christmas he wrote to Santa because I got this letter in the post. It included a discount voucher from Hills pet food. I was very impressed.

18 July 2012

Designs that move

I'm more entertained by this than I care to admit but I do think it's fascinating and captivating. I often find myself considering the process behind a design (like the packaging from Amazon) and thinking that every movement of this hand is part of a program just makes my mind bend.
goto http://astretchyhand.com/


17 July 2012

Industrial art

I've just finished reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson and was impressed by the fact that Steve Jobs believed his products should look good, even on the inside.

This four-platter disk-drive from one of our old computers looks quite awesome to me.

16 July 2012

My Top Blogs

Mint the Shop

Kirsty has great style and a real flair for Art Deco and the 1950's (also known as Mid-century Modern or MCM). Her prices are excellent, the quality of her stock is reliable and she does detailed research on each and every item. I like to check her blog every weekday morning because there are four new items for sale every day! There are so often things that I would love to own. Sometimes I just can't resist. This beauty was posted just after Christmas and I fell in love.

Here it is in my home:

Backwards in High Heels

Tania Kindersley is such a great writer that it's hard not to go on and on about all the things I love about her blog. Her photographs are like having a window in Scotland.

This is a recent photo from her blog:

Busy Bee Lauren

Truly inspirational in many respects. I love the honesty in her writing and her cheerful outlook. She's super-stylish and posts about her life, family, food and clothes. All-in-all a great read.

I hope she won't mind me using this very colourful image from her blog which, to me, mirrors her sunny personality.