16 July 2012

My Top Blogs

Mint the Shop

Kirsty has great style and a real flair for Art Deco and the 1950's (also known as Mid-century Modern or MCM). Her prices are excellent, the quality of her stock is reliable and she does detailed research on each and every item. I like to check her blog every weekday morning because there are four new items for sale every day! There are so often things that I would love to own. Sometimes I just can't resist. This beauty was posted just after Christmas and I fell in love.

Here it is in my home:

Backwards in High Heels

Tania Kindersley is such a great writer that it's hard not to go on and on about all the things I love about her blog. Her photographs are like having a window in Scotland.

This is a recent photo from her blog:

Busy Bee Lauren

Truly inspirational in many respects. I love the honesty in her writing and her cheerful outlook. She's super-stylish and posts about her life, family, food and clothes. All-in-all a great read.

I hope she won't mind me using this very colourful image from her blog which, to me, mirrors her sunny personality.

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