29 April 2011

Today has been delightfully event-filled

Lunchtime today was at Vida e Caffé, Gateway and opposite was the iStore with the queue for the new iPad (iPad 2) going out the door and down the passage.

When I visited my parents this afternoon there was great news in the Mercury. Madame Zingara's circus (and the fabulous food) is coming back to Durban. Check out www.madamezingara.com and take some friendly advice: don't hesitate before making your booking, tickets sell like hotcakes!

And then this evening my husband brought home the cutest "Royal Couple Cookies" - so named by his colleague who bought a "couple" for everyone on their team.

Four little friends with cheery faces

These little guys cheer me up while I'm at my desk. They're actually marker pens (the "heads" are the lids and the bases are the marker pens). My husband found them when he was tidying and they are just so charming as they wobble on their little bases and keep smiling.

27 April 2011

Counting my blessings

I was groaning to my best friend about the tedium of the washing and then reminded my little egotistical self that I should be grateful for so many things both related to the fact that I can do the washing and live the life that I am living.

I am grateful for (in no particular order, other than the order in which they occur to me):
  • tea
  • writing
  • being able to grumble and groan to my best friend without her telling me to take a reality-check
  • internet access (and related technology, laptop, phone, etc)
  • my very very dear friends
  • the love of my life
  • my family (and his)
  • science and medicine
  • music
  • home
  • clean sheets
  • fresh air
  • drinkable tap water
  • having a love of books and reading
  • nail polish
  • having "an education"
  • The Body Shop
  • spellcheck and autocorrect (most of the time)
  • fruit
Actually, when I get right down to it there are a limitless number of things for which I am grateful. While looking for a suitable image for this post, I came across a "Blessings Jar" which (as the name suggests) is a jar with ten small heart-shaped pieces of card. You write your blessings on the cards and when you're feeling blue (Phil Collins' "Groovy Kind of Love" pops into my head just there) you re-read your blessings. I sincerely hope that I'll be able to do the same with this post though that was not my intention when I started it.
I've made what I would call a "fox poss" (a faux pas - my French accent is not quite, but very nearly, that bad). If you've seen my blog header in the last few days you will most definitely have noticed that I had a HUGE version of the new photo I was planning to use as my header. Keep checking guys and dolls. Hopefully I'll get it right with some help from my friends.