30 March 2011

Sometimes the simplest things cheer me up

Today I got home feeling tired and decided to make a cup of tea after I had unloaded my groceries. Washing my hands at the sink, I saw my bottle of bubbles which made me smile (I don't have kids of my own but the bubbles are for my inner child). I decided to use my ridiculously huge "Friends"-style tea cup (to get the most enjoyment possible out of one teabag) and our kettle boils in the loveliest way, so by the time the tea was made and the groceries were away, I was feeling much chirpier.

23 March 2011

What's the name of that song? Something about Mr Postman and "a letter for me"

I'm sitting at my desk and constantly hitting "refresh" on my Inbox, waiting for confirmation of a booking that I have been planning for a few weeks but only got things lined up to make the booking today. It's like the "a watched pot never boils" experience, a watched Inbox never says Inbox (1). Here's hoping tomorrow will bring the answer I am hoping for.

22 March 2011

All linked-up today (makes me think of "joined-up" writing)

I'm just happy being me.

Soon the April I ♡ Market will be upon us (hooray). I am really looking forward to it since I was unable to get to the March market. I'm sad that lisa&joe won't be there but look forward to seeing them back at the market as soon as they are able.

Today's special mention goes to Nadia of Cupcake Couture who has done a BRILLIANT post about blogging and the blogging community that we are a part of.

18 March 2011

Wakey Wakey

Every cloud has a golden lining....

Well, that's the way it looks this morning out of my window.

Happy Friday everybody and enjoy the long weekend.

08 March 2011

Strategic packing for a holiday

I'm the biggest geek/nerd I know and proud to admit it. I enjoy getting things around me organised and running smoothly. I am a bookkeeper and I love its underlying simplicity. My absolutely favorite thing is getting a complicated reconciliation to balance.

I'm currently planning a holiday and one of my favourite parts of the planning is deciding what to pack. So today I want to point my readers in the direction of a site that has been a favourite of mine since about 2001. The site is: OneBag.com. My favourite quote from the site is "remember that there are two kinds of luggage: carry-on and lost." Doug Dyment, the creator of the site has designed a one page downloadable .pdf file with his entire suggested packing list for a trip of any length. I've used his packing list many many times and passed it on to friends who've appreciated it as much as I do.

This luggage would need a porter to carry it all
Here is the most desirable method to take everything I could possibly need. Even the kitchen sink might fit in there somewhere. I usually strictly reduce the amount of make-up and beauty products that I carry when going on a long trip but if I had this many cases, I could take everything my heart desires.

The slightly worrying part is that I am often disappointed when I find that I've packed clothes that I didn't wear and "necessities" that I didn't end up needing.

Wardrobe trunk

This wardrobe-trunk (right) is an item I would love to have although it belongs more to the bygone days of sea travel (as do the tower of suitcases in the image above). Mostly I'd like one just to keep as a collectable item of beauty and style.

For this trip I am aiming for the type of neatness shown below. Any suggestions from fellow lovers of travel would be most welcome.

Keeping things neat and tidy

04 March 2011

Welcome back!

Welcome back dear readers. I have been away from my desk for quite a while and I thought this lovely growing welcome mat was appropriate to say "Hi!" Especially since the smell of new-mown grass smells so springy and fresh and that is how I feel after my vacation. I don't always go to places where no technology is available but sometimes being unable to use cellphone, laptop and internet is the only way to get a complete rest.

And now that I'm back at my desk, the real world takes over again. Currently I am involved with updating some insurance details and the forms are astoundingly tedious and just a little confusing, to say the least. I don't feel there is much that mere mortals can do but go with the flow and try to co-operate with the red tape. Rather like ripping off a plaster (try to get the pain over with as quickly as possible).