04 March 2011

Welcome back!

Welcome back dear readers. I have been away from my desk for quite a while and I thought this lovely growing welcome mat was appropriate to say "Hi!" Especially since the smell of new-mown grass smells so springy and fresh and that is how I feel after my vacation. I don't always go to places where no technology is available but sometimes being unable to use cellphone, laptop and internet is the only way to get a complete rest.

And now that I'm back at my desk, the real world takes over again. Currently I am involved with updating some insurance details and the forms are astoundingly tedious and just a little confusing, to say the least. I don't feel there is much that mere mortals can do but go with the flow and try to co-operate with the red tape. Rather like ripping off a plaster (try to get the pain over with as quickly as possible).

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