22 March 2011

All linked-up today (makes me think of "joined-up" writing)

I'm just happy being me.

Soon the April I ♡ Market will be upon us (hooray). I am really looking forward to it since I was unable to get to the March market. I'm sad that lisa&joe won't be there but look forward to seeing them back at the market as soon as they are able.

Today's special mention goes to Nadia of Cupcake Couture who has done a BRILLIANT post about blogging and the blogging community that we are a part of.


  1. Heehee! I just saw your comment on Nadia's blog. My two cents is, bloggers should never feel pressured to blog every day. I think everyone should persue their hobby, whatever it may be, when the moment takes them. Otherwise, it might not end up being as enjoyable. I tend to blog alot but that's just cuz it helps me to unwind funnily enough! xox

  2. Thanks for the mention - I appreciate that.

  3. Nadia, you wrote a great post so I was simply sharing your greatness for anyone who might also appreciate it. :)


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