30 March 2011

Sometimes the simplest things cheer me up

Today I got home feeling tired and decided to make a cup of tea after I had unloaded my groceries. Washing my hands at the sink, I saw my bottle of bubbles which made me smile (I don't have kids of my own but the bubbles are for my inner child). I decided to use my ridiculously huge "Friends"-style tea cup (to get the most enjoyment possible out of one teabag) and our kettle boils in the loveliest way, so by the time the tea was made and the groceries were away, I was feeling much chirpier.


  1. It's true. The little things in life can mean a lot if enjoy them to the full!

  2. Yep. Thanks Denise. With life as we know it, it's a good feeling when I can be "in the moment".


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