03 February 2011

Balmy and Breezy


The weather peeps have promised rain all week but the garden is still dry. Then again it's I ❤ Market on Saturday so I'd rather it remained balmy and breezy for that! It can rain on Sunday.


  1. Oh mama those are some grey skies! Hope it doesn't rain for I <3 Market! (sorry, if that sounds awkward it's because I'm not sure what I <3 Market is haha)
    Cheers and happy weekend!

  2. Hi Lula. Today is the day of the market and it's balmy and a bit more breezy again - no sign of rain. The <3 is a heart in "emoticon speak" and the market is called I Heart Market.
    Website here: http://iheartmarket.blogspot.com/
    It's a super fantastic market where nearly all the stalls sell handmade goodies and are manned by the maker of the goodies.


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