08 November 2011

Cable spaghetti

I'm sure I've mentioned in previous posts that clutter is not exactly on my "happy place" list. Well yesterday we bought a new laptop and because it's all fresh and new (like the day after a big celebration when all the streamers still have to be swept up), we have a cable spaghetti situation that looks like this: 

I remember a Douglas Adams essay on the subject of computer cables and connectors and I have to say that I am wholly in agreement with him. He was of the opinion that there should be greater compatibility between cables and connectors so that we didn't have to keep track of so many of them with each new device.

I feel however that I should claim full responsibility for the hairdryer and its cable. Leaving it lying around is my weakness and it is only on the floor because there is no room on the dressing table (which has been temporarily reassigned as a second desk).

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