06 December 2011

Australia rules

My Package Project partner, Madi, is from Australia. She's such a cool cookie who makes the most adorable goodies for kiddies. {Like this babygro and ruffled bloomer set available on Etsy}:
Madi also has a lovely Facebook page and a blog so you can follow her wherever you choose.

As so often happens, a synchronicity is taking place where a whole lot of my newly discovered influences are turning out to be Australian. What I'm loving is that their seasons are at the same time of year as ours which means I get to read blogs which say Ok summer, I am almost ready at Lost Cabin Vintage (a blog I learned about from Madi) and read Adore Home Magazine with their summery table setting ideas.

And then with more inspiration, along comes a post from the folks at the i heart market championing the posters for the Finders Keepers market held in Brisbane!

Today at CNA I saw some beautiful Japanese-style sticky notes made in... Australia!

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  1. i can't believe I missed this post!!!!!! Thanks Helen!!!! We finally have internet on at home! Yay! which means i'll be able to keep up on everything more!!!


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