31 August 2012

Special delivery

To be truthful the actual delivery wasn't so special (the less said about UPS and the grumpy guy that came to our house, the better) but what was in the box was a real treasure trove.

Some of the excitement contained within was...

  • a microscope that magnifies 200x and connects to your computer (with some shenanigans relating to trying to insert one of those mini CD's into a disk drive of the sort that doesn't have a tray) - some AMAZING photos will follow
  • a protective box for the geiger counter that my husband put together some time ago (a long-overdue post)
  • a super-bright LED
  • a teeny-tiny Wi-Fi device
  • some screens and digital displays
  • and some skill badges like this one  ------>

All of this excitement came from Adafuit - the most exciting online store, just full to bursting with inspiration and possibilities.

PS. Don't you think the packaging paper that they used instead of polystyrene peanuts is just great?

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