23 October 2010

Guess what it is...

This does...
This strange looking little item is my eco stapler from the Natural History Museum in London (also seen them at the Science Museum). It's eco friendly because it uses no staples but just cuts, folds and tucks in a tiny section of the sheets of paper. Goodbye dangerous bits of metal in the carpet.

Sadly, it can only staple a maximum of three pages but it's unbelievably useful for receipts, printed reservations, emails (on the rare occasions that I print any) and stuff like that. Another nifty plus is that when the pages go into the recycling bin (or the shredder - avoid identity theft!) there's no need to remove the pesky staple. 

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  1. The stapler can be purchased from the British Natural History Museum online shop for £5 at http://www.nhmshop.co.uk/green-gifts/eco-stapler/product.html


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