20 October 2010

Yay, hooray!

Hooray hooray hooray! I've received my ring made by Karin Rae! 
I saw a ring like this on http://askashe.wordpress.com and fell in love. I looked on Dear Rae's site (http://www.dearrae.co.za) and couldn't find the same ring so I wrote and begged. I've waited three weeks because a new ring had to be made specially for me but it is every bit worth the wait. It was so beautifully packaged and fitted perfectly.

Every year since I turned 30 I've been buying a birthday present for myself (justifying an expense that would be unjustified any other way). This year the ring above was my present to myself and I couldn't have chosen anything better. 

I've always thought that birthdays are such a personal time so I always spend more time deciding on a birthday present for friends and family than I do on a Christmas present. And what better way to add joy to your birthday than to also include a present from yourself! After all, we often hear that we should "be your own best friend" and this is one of the truest little clichés because if we don't take care of ourselves, how will be in a position to take care of others.

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