20 December 2010

Christmas mince pie day

Every year my mom and I make Christmas mince pies together. To be honest, my mom makes the pastry and buys the fruit mince (Safari Fruit mince or Woolworths Christmas fruit mince) and I only do the assembly-line, but we do it together and it's a nice tradition for both of us.

The assembly-line during production
We usually make about six dozen which sounds like a large number but they disappear very quickly. I took home about two dozen from last week's production and we've nearly finished them. I think the production line may go into action again this year.


  1. ahhhhh that is so sweet - great tradition x

  2. Thanks :) I've been trying, but I cannot remember how long we've kept the tradition. It's very special to me though it may seem insignificant in itself.

  3. not at all insignificant...makes me think i must start now with my babes - enjoy x


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