07 September 2011

Cuptakes - awesome and cute!

It is possible to be girly and also love tech stuff. Last night I found Cuptakes and I'm hooked! 

Lauren, of Restored 316 Designs, has created a fabulous iPhone, iPad and Mac application that offers a selection of exclusive wallpapers called, “Cuptakes”. She says: “My goal was to offer something I wanted myself, and that is, true original girly girl wallpaper designs for my Desktop and that complements my iPhone and iPad. The Mac has been such a joy since I switched, and I just wanted to complement something that’s already awesome!”.

There are matching designs for your iPhone and iPad home screen and lock screen and now also your Mac Desktop (all screen sizes and the app auto-detects your screen-size). The whole app is really easy to use and the designs are too cute. My favourite for today is the screenshot on the right.
One of the reasons that I like the app such a lot is that it has quite a few "text" designs and I like words. For example, these cushions that I had made for my wedding (right), and this wallpaper from "Cuptakes" (left).

There are also calendar pages that co-ordinate with the home screens and lock screens and a selection of Christmas themed "Cuptakes" including my favourite that says: "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas"

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