19 September 2011

Shopping and writer's block

Today, right in front of me and blocking my way, is writer's block. My mind is very very busy and stringing together a coherent sentence is proving to be an impossible task. So instead of the usual text-supported by image, it is my pleasure to present (as the circus-master says) some images supported by text.

Last Wednesday, while out looking for new Globe chairs (the centre chair in the photo below)...
I popped into Caboodle at 106 Bulwer Road and got a chance to catch up with Denise from Freshly Found. She has so many charming crochet items and I fell in love with this excellent crochet bracelet which hopped into my bag and came home with me. 
Talking with Denise got me all fired up about the i heart market on Saturday where I bought this ceramic trinket box with the little heart and miniature roses. 
To my surprise and delight, the inside of the lid has a repeat of the pattern that is embossed on the outside of the box.
The market was wonderful. We were treated to music and singing while we shopped (what could be better) and the whole school was buzzing with activity.

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  1. Oh I am dying to go to that market....i think a trip to Durban is in order!


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