30 September 2011

Friday Favourites

First an old favourite (old as in I have been following since I started blogging). Tania Kindersley is a woman with the most exquisite turn of phrase. Her blog is a daily delight and now I find that she has a second more "instant" blog, here, with one-liners and magnificent pics like this one:

Secondly, I have found (at last) a maker of ragdolls I can truly love. Her name is Angelica Pelati and she makes a range of speciality cakes and custom homemade plushies. She'll be at the i heart market on Saturday and I'm hoping to get my paws on one of these:


  1. You made my day :) I look forward to meeting you if I catch you at the market tomorrow. Your blog is sooo cool! I had a good time reading through it today :)

  2. Thanks Angelica. I'm really glad that you like my blog.


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