27 March 2014

Calendar app helps you to keep up with everything

The Apple Calendar app is awesome for planning and remembering those important dates. The aspect that I use most of all is the "alert" function.

When you're adding a new event as well as setting the location, date and time of the event, you can also set if this is a repeating event (which is what I do for birthdays), set one or many alerts to remind you that the event is coming up (I also use this for birthdays to remind me in time to get a present or card), add invitees (Mac and Windows compatible) and add notes. 
If you're adding a new event on your iPhone, it's become a whole lot quicker to do. Simply go to the date that of the event, tap the screen to create a new event and simply drag it to the correct time. Then all you need to type is the name of the event.

As with the Reminders app where you can have multiple lists of reminders, the Calendar app lets you have multiple Calendars that can be colour-coded. I use different colours for birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and public holidays.

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