25 March 2014

Quick intro to being organised with Reminders on iPhone

I love what they've done with this app. They've made it into everything I need for a "Things to do" organisation system. I keep many lists with just the titles of the lists showing (you can customise them with colour as well).  When you tap the list title, the list opens up and you can see the items on each list. What's more, the edit feature allows you to move items from one list to another, so if an item has been on the "Reminders" list for some time but you know that you'll be going to the "Shops" where that item is sold, you can move it from "Reminders" to "Shops" in preparation. You can also organise the sequence of the lists themselves by dragging them into the order that you need to look at them. For example, on weekends, I often drag the "Garden" list to nearer the top so that I can remind myself of the little outdoor tasks that need to be remembered.

On each list, you can check off the individual items by tapping on the little circle next to the item. This is fantastic for shopping because I can knock off the items as I add them to my basket. What's also really neat is the "Show Completed" and "Hide Completed" options. I use these for my shopping list by hiding completed items so that once I've marked them off, they drop off the list. Then next week, or while I'm in the kitchen, or wherever I am and I need to add something to my shopping list, I just show the completed items and de-select them to add them back to the list. This means I don't have to re-write the names of my regular purchases which saves a whole lot of time.

If you're a Mac owner, Reminders can sync with your computer and you can also organise your lists in the app there. Check tomorrow's post where I'll be talking about using your Calendar for planning and remembering those important dates.

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