22 November 2010

Henchperson! Job advert.

Would you reply to a job advert for a henchperson? It brings to mind the type of assistant (named Igor) of a mad scientist. I would LOVE to answer this ad if only they were in South Africa!

Evil Mad Science LLC in Sunnyvale, CA 
Evil Mad Scientist seeks henchpersons.
Evil Mad Science LLC is a tiny company looking to expand. We need careful, detail-oriented people with an affinity for strange little robots and things that go blink in the night.
What do we do? We assemble kits, pack and ship, manage our web sites, talk to customers, perform various administrative tasks, design future products and refine current ones. And, we’re looking for several people that can each help us with (at least some part of) that rather large collection of stuff.
Can you do some of that? Located near (and/or willing to commute to) Sunnyvale California?
We’re open to hiring part time or full time, temporary or long-term. Experienced or intern. You should be willing to let us know what you like to do, what you’re good at, and let us train you on the rest. If you’ve got specialized skills (coding/designing/engineering/administrating/other), we may well be able to use them. Let us know.
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