31 January 2011

Childhood memories and hopes and dreams

One of my favorite pass times when I was a tot was to look at all the buttons my mother kept in her button tin. It was a brown shoe polish tin - very utilitarian and totally delightful because you couldn't see what was stored inside. I distinctly remember thinking that I'd have to have a tin full of buttons  when I was a grown-up.
My mom still has her button tin and it still holds its fascination for me, but I have been fortunate to have inherited my mother-in-law's collection of buttons. I'm currently sorting through them to select which ones to pass on to Cupcake Couture's Button Hunt. I wonder whether they will be of any use to her?

There are a few buttons that I will not be able to part with though. These delicate pink ones on the left are being saved incase I'm lucky enough to have a baby. My husband said that if I'm saving pink buttons we will most likely end up having boys! 

Today's view:
It's VERY bright and sunny at the moment so the sea is mostly just reflecting the sun. Perhaps if I were to take this pic later today the sea would show as bluer than blue but it's good to feel the sun in the sky - it makes me feel energized and reminds me of the fact that some of the best things in life are indeed free (uh, oh, my apologies for the cliché).

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