17 January 2011

Good news for "older" moms

I've been aware for a long while now that the closer I get to thirty-five, the greater the chance that I may have a baby with Down's syndrome. My last birthday was my 35th so the following piece of news is a positive one for me.

And in other news... here's today's picture of my sea view. The weather looks a bit ominous and I'm fairly sure that there will be rain this evening.


  1. I'm in the same boat as you...turning 36 next month. Starting to freak out a bit about the no kids thing now...

  2. Hi Hayley. I console myself with the knowledge that my mother had me when she was 38 and my sister had her third child when she was 38. I also read an article in Femina (a few years ago) that asked children of "older" parents whether having older parents made any difference to their lives and their answers were mostly that they didn't notice a significant difference between their parents and those of their friends, or that they felt that their parents were more mature and reasonable than the parents of their friends. And Happy Birthday to you for next month!


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