11 January 2011

Should have, could have, and skilled procrastination

This is my guitar that I should be practising right now. Meanwhile I am hooked on my daily fix of blog reading and posting.

Today's post is inspired by Hayley over at everything inbetween who started her year with a clean-up. I'm planning to do some serious de-cluttering in January. My favourite de-cluttering site is The Clutter Clearing Consultancy which is run by Clare Baker. I love her approach because she understands that some people have a fundamental problem overcoming clutter because, like me, they are procrastinators.

These are a pair of "before and after" pics from Clare's website.

And if those don't inspire you then take a look at 365 Less Things and the section titled "Week 1 of 2011 Mini Mission". It's an excellent and manageable way to start to tackle the accumulation of "stuff" that we tend to generate. I really have to agree with those people that say that a cluttered life creates environmental stress that we take out into the world with us. But to counter that I ask myself: If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what is an empty desk a sign of?

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