21 January 2011

If Mondays are known for the blues, what colour are Fridays?

Having heard of synesthesia (check out the Wikipedia definition here), I guess some people do assign a colour to Fridays. I imagine it should be silver - all sparkly with anticipation of the weekend ahead and the opportunities to do what we enjoy and with a hint of the possibility of a party.

That's so long as you don't work in retail, where weekends have become just another two days to sell sell sell. I'm in two minds about this. I have friends in retail and sympathize that weekends for them don't exist. My longtime friend would like shopping on a Sunday to be banned! However, I love being able to shop on the weekends. If I shop during the week I am on my own but if I shop on the weekends I usually have company.

Here's to this weekend. Hope you all have a blast.

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