05 January 2011

On a clear day you can see forever

My title today is the title of a 1965 play by Alan Jay Lerner and later a 1970 film starring Barbara Streisand. It's a phrase that has always lodged in my mind because I love places where you can stand and look from left to right and see the horizon in all directions. I'm lucky enough to live in Durban and in a house with a sea view (so covetable) which shows the far off horizon to the East. I'm thinking of starting a series of the same view because our weather has been so very changeable recently and the series may prove interesting. I've been inspired by Tania Kindersley of Backwards in High Heels. Thank you Tania.


  1. Thanks Hayley. I'm hoping taking photos will remind me how lucky I am because although I see the sea every day I tend to take it for granted.

  2. Helen - so very kind of you to give the blog a lovely big plug, and I am really thrilled you are doing a photograph a day. I love your view; it is very evocative. I have always wanted to live by the sea, and even though we are only thirty miles away here, it is not the same. Love how your view, three thousand miles away, is so different from mine. That seems to me the miracle of the blogosphere: miles away, looking at quite different things, yet connected.


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